The Return Of Mr Thoth

A tribute to one of my favourite gods.

Thoth is the Egyptian god of knowledge, the moon, wisdom, magic, and secrets. In other words, a good guy to have on your side!

This is one of the earlier “drippy paint” works, I can see how I improved that technique with later pieces but this one certainly doesn’t suffer because of it.

Copenhagen Under Siege

Tiny tots terrorize town, full story at 11.

This is a rare example of mixed images, illustrations and photos in the same collage. For about the last 15 years I’ve used only illustrations – I like the way they look, they last better than photos do, and more importantly they can create a much more seamless effect than photos can.

Maybe it’s because there are no faces visible in the photo of Copenhagen but the illustrations seem to blend really well and create the effect I was looking for: giant kids using a city as their own personal playground. I was so pleased with how that technique worked here that I applied it to many of the pieces that followed.

I sold this about ten years ago to an insurance company CEO from New York. Not my usual audience maybe but it’s good to have your work appreciated by a wide range of people.

Sea Of Tranquility

Ganesha, space, and symmetry – these are a few of my favourite things.

I had a lot of fun making this one – I restricted myself to a smaller number of characters than usual so I had to choose carefully. I enjoyed the challenge of focusing on only ‘populating’ a small part of the canvas with characters and eschewing my usual “everything and the kitchen sink” approach.

See These Little Horses

This is a personal favourite of my “strange speech bubbles” pieces.

It’s just as well I’m pleased with it, I recall thinking long and hard about whether I wanted to ‘invest’ that great image of the moon into this particular collage.

I’ve shown it a few times but so far no one has bought it. It’s almost as if people don’t trust art that doesn’t make sense. How can you have someone refer to little horses when THERE. ARE. NO. HORSES???! *boggle*


The Ocean Has Her Own History

A sprawling tale of aeons beneath the waves.

One of the largest pieces I have ever created. I usually try to work with smaller canvases for ease of scanning – this one was too large to scan so had to be photographed from the top of a stepladder instead!

There’s not a strong narrative here, more a collection of historical figures remixed and re-positioned in my usual warped way.

I’m particularly fond of the little religious figures on the edges, tugging nervously at the sleeve of the Lincoln-octopus on the left and quivering under the gaze of a giant nautilus on the right.

Summer At Veronica Lake

First in the “Hollywood Goddesses” series.

Although the contrast between the psychedelic background and Veronica Lake is amazing, I seem to recall that this piece gave me a headache when I was putting it together!

I can’t recall exactly how old this, maybe late 1990s. It’s been quite some time since I included a ‘warp’ logo in my work.