Camera Eye

Something a little different.

As with most of my collages, the primary concern is creating a pleasant visual spectacle and meaning comes second.

So this is a study in color vs black-and-white, but also a meditation on surveillance and being surveilled. The models – whose job is to be observed – are also keen observers themselves; the Watched become the Watcher.

The Origin Of Earth

As far as Life, the Universe, and Everything goes, I feel that this is as good an explanation as any.

According to some Hindu texts the world is held up by elephants standing on the back of a giant turtle. I like the imagery of that and decided to create a collage around it.

While I’ve added plenty of my trademark cuteness, I’ve also tried to include a little darkness, with the disturbing heart- and moon-faced children taking centre stage.

This piece is available for purchase, contact me if you are interested.

Fish For Fantasy

Title stolen from an old (is there any other kind?) Billy Idol song.

This is one of my favourite works on paper. It’s very busy but all the images blend very well together. Some are photos and some are illustrations.

I’m going to say this dates from about 1999 – I recognise some of the images as being from a sheet of Mexican schoolbook illustrations I bought in the US in 1998.

It’s possibly one of the last pieces to include a ‘Warp’ logo, a nom de plume I used for a while. This website is the last vestige of that actually, and next year I’ll begin using instead.

I think this is a really great piece so I’m willing to sell it at a discount – yours for a mere NZ$100 plus postage. Unframed collage on paper, 290x207mm.

The Lady Of The Lake

You have to wonder how such a lovely lady could have such an ugly baby!

Click to view full size.

This was one of the best of an early group of experiments with painted canvas, mainly due to the large portrait of the woman which dominates the “landscape”.

Unfortunately in several cases the diluted paint faded quickly when the piece was hung up, so I adjusted my technique and started producing canvases with coloured splatters and drops of thicker paint instead.

I don’t know the person who bought this piece so I guess I’ll never know whether it faded or not!

Please take the time to view the full image, I’m particularly proud of the small figures in the lakeside scene.

The Flobert

Rollicking silliness beneath the waves.

Click to view full size

This one of my favourite “nonsense comics” – it’s bright and it’s funny and it has a certain coherence that comes from sourcing all the speech bubbles from the same place – an old issue of British sci-fi comic 2000AD.


A collaboration with my son Dali.

Bumblebaa is the name of his little gang of friends at school (and I’m sure they’d hate being described like that). They like bees and they run around playing games in worlds of their own imagining. I can understand that feeling – hell, I yearn for it some days – so I’ve tried to capture that in the collage I made with a Dali-painted canvas and collaborative image selection.

Leisurely Jaunts Through America

I’m talking about 20th century America of course, this sort of thing would certainly not be permitted these days.

I don’t recall exactly when I made this but it’s likely to have been around 1998 when my wife and I spent five weeks traveling around the US. We visited 15 states and got married in Vegas. We were going to get a quickie Mexican divorce to go with it but unfortunately it wasn’t possible.

This collage is loosely inspired by that adventure.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


“In a desperate mind,
Little gardens grow,
They grow very wide,
They grow very tall”

Dead Kennedys – ‘Ill In The Head’, 1980

There’s something a little unhealthy fertilizing the soil under this odd plant.

I don’t usually mix illustrations and photos, but the Bart Simpson plastic toys look like cartoons or illustrations so the difference is only visible to a pedantic eye like mine 😉