Reach Out To The Stars

“… and flow throughout the universe..”

Reach Out To The Stars, 2005

This piece has a huge personal meaning for me on a number of levels. It’s one of my best works, it features space (outer space and also literal space within the collage itself), it includes a beautiful woman, cute aliens and kittens, and it represents a triumph under pressure: I assembled the piece live on camera for the TVNZ arts show ‘The Gravy’. You can view the clip on Youtube.

The title comes from one of my best songs, written way back in about 2005 and featured on a couple of my albums in various forms. I recently created a homemade video for a live version of the song, you can view that here.

“Reach Out To The Stars” measures 255 x 505 x 30mm and is available to purchase for NZD$700 from Colours Collective.


The power of the flower!

Originally conceived as an EP cover for my friend Jordan aka Bloop, who has a great love for orchids.

It looks as if I might have chosen the images before I painted the canvas, something I very rarely do. But the blue, green, and purple paint are so well-matched to specific images that it can’t be a coincidence.

I’m always keen to work on commissions, get in touch if you’re interested. My prices are very reasonable.

The Virus Remains Active

My tribute to the great American writer William S Burroughs, primarily known for “Naked Lunch”.

He was a great influence on my art, introducing me to the concept of cut-ups: words and phrases cut up and rearranged in such a way as to draw out a new kind of sense from apparent nonsense.

I’ve employed the technique in many of my collages, often trying to be as ambiguous as possible when it comes to interpretation of my work. People may think I’m lazy making art that’s not specifically about anything but I genuinely enjoy a combination of weirdness for the sake of it, satire, and the Joy of Juxtaposition.

This collage is filled with references that only other Burroughs fans will get, but I hope everyone will enjoy it.

This World Is Your Oyster

The title piece from my 2014 solo show.

The usual expression is “the world is your oyster” but I deliberately used “this” to imply more than one world.

Our universe is so vast that I believe it to be statistically impossible that none of the uncountable planets are inhabited.

I don’t necessarily imagine the aliens we encounter will be (or are) even remotely as cute as the ones I’ve depicted here though!

Available for purchase here:

Artemis Rising

Yet another giant goddess.

This one dates from the early 2000s and was one of my most successful “drippy paint” canvases.

I sold it not long after it was completed – and before I kept good records – so I have no idea where it is now. I’d be interested to know how the paint held up, as some of the other canvases from that time have faded quite a bit.


Buck Rogers

A vague tribute to a great TV show from my childhood.

I enjoy the limited colour palette of this one, which dates back to the mid-1990s when I was still signing my work with a pasted “warp” and working only on paper, not canvas.

I believe I chose the model for her resemblance to a young Drew Barrymore. I needed something simple and bold to fill the bottom of the page and the Buck Rogers figures were a perfect fit with the colour palette and also had the effect of making “Drew” look like a goddess, which suited me as well.

Z Is For Zoolophone

A few years ago I commissioned a local airbrush artist to spray 7 canvases in the style of a sunrise.

Each one was named after a day of the week and the collage told a story of something that happened on that day. This is Sunday.

I feel that this piece was a great way to end the series. It’s got cute animals, weird-headed kids, small people to make the other elements seem giant, all my favourite motifs.